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Trinity Beach Club Offers Quality and Affordability Among Trinity Beach Hotels

Trinity Beach Club has become one of the most popular choices of holiday goers looking to stay in one of the Trinity Beach hotels. We offer spacious accommodation with many amenities, including a saltwater pool and ten-person heated spa for the enjoyment of our guests. Situated just a short walk from the beach and with the rain forest so close, you will find no shortage of fun and exciting activates for the whole family.


Two Storey Complex
Two Storey Complex

Road Entrance
Road Entrance

Trinity Beach Accomodation



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Why we’re Different from other Hotels in Trinity Beach

There are a variety of hotel options available in the Trinity Beach area, but we go beyond just offering our guests a place to hang their hat at night. Instead, we are a resort offering facilities for our guests to enjoy their holiday better as well as providing advice and tour groups for activities in the area. Some of the options that we can offer include:

   - Our guests enjoy access to our saltwater pool and heated spa near our large covered BBQ cabana area. For those that would rather lounge poolside with a good book, we have a library as well as free Wi-Fi.

   - The whole town of Trinity Beach, including the restaurants, a small shopping centre, park, gym and of course the namesake beach are only a short walk from your accommodation. Ask the front desk for complimentary maps of the local area to plan your excursions.

   - Speaking of excursions, there are many tours and other activities both on the water and in the surrounding rainforest. Some of the available activities include bungee jumping, for the adrenaline junkie, tours of the area’s natural beauty that include everything from waterfalls to caves and even animal-related activities. Children particularly love getting a photo of themselves hugging a koala.

Tips For Getting More Value Out of Motels in Trinity Beach

Everyone wants to get the most value out of every dollar they spend, even when they are on holiday. Having been in operation for over 20 years, we can offer our assistance in doing so. By choosing to stay with us, you will already be on the right track. We offer our best price guarantee, beating the price of our competitors while providing four-star accommodation. Here are a few more tips to get the most value out of your holiday:

   - One of the best ways to save on accommodation is to stay during the off season. The most popular time to stay in Trinity Beach is the summer, but it’s a beautiful location all year round. Another benefit of staying off season is fewer other holiday goers in the area, allowing for a more secluded and personal experience.

   - The Cairns area offers a large variety of tour groups for the large number of different activities available. Joining a larger group can provide significant savings than booking a tour for a smaller group. Ask us about the different options when you book your stay.

   - Don’t just ask us about activities, either. As locals, we know a lot about the area, and we can
guide you to the best options for saving money on rental cars and more.

Things to Do Near Your Trinity Beach Motel

Since we joined the other Trinity Beach resorts when we opened in 1998, we have made it our purpose to provide our customers with the best value for their money while maintaining our four-star quality. Between the activities and facilities available on-site as well as our proximity to Trinity beach and the restaurants and shops in town, you and your family will find no shortage of activities to enjoy. Contact us today if you are considering staying at one of the resorts in Trinity Beach for your next holiday, to learn more about why you should stay with us.


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